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Air pollution in general is caused for example by industrial emission, car or aircraft exhaust gases and cigarette smoke. Thus oxidative stress like dust, fine dust, gases, soot, smoke, fumes and much more causes your skin to age with wrinkles and age spots, to dry out, to develop neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne and in the worst case even skin cancer. What would be the classic female or male customer for our Cleansing Oil & Mask? The customer is trend-conscious and from the age of approximately 20. Due to the pH-independency and missing preservatives it is recommended for all skin types, also sensitive skin. This product is based on natural, vegetable oils so also your customer should use them on their daily care routine. They demand more than just cleansing or make-up removal but positive effects on their skin and have a active lifestyle where the detox theme is present in several areas of their life (e.g. Diet, fitness etc.). They also know about the concept of the Anti-Pollution Trend to prevent environmental skin aging.

Let‘s talk about the used ingredients. Our innovation combines chia seed oil, almond oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil with the magnolia extract. Chia seeds are today among the „Superfoods“ because they are very rich in proteins and essential amino acids. But they have also the anti-oxidative effect called flavonoids. Flavonoids are anti-oxidative, cell-protective and anti-inflammatory. They support the skin-own high protection mechanisms against environmental influences and act as a free radical scavenger and protect against UV-induced skin aging and skin damage.

The magnolia extract contains two strong anti-inflammatory ingredients: Honokiol and Magnolol and are anti-inflamm‘aging. They break through the vicious circle. 

The magnolia extract has a unique effect, which we use to create our Cleansing Oil & Mask.

The Detox-Effect supports the skin-own detoxification function, which works 1000 times more anti-oxidative than Vitamin E. It protects the skin against chronic inflammation so the skin forms less harmful substances and it slows down the skin aging. A good side effect, it soothes the skin.

Our Cleansing Oil & Mask therefore treats intensively and preserves the skin‘s moisture. It strengthens the skin barrier with precious natural oils, soothes and strengthens the skin and brings radiance to the skin. The grey veil disappears.
As usual we also conducted studies to scientifically substantiate our claims. The results are as usual stunning. 95% of the probands rated the cleaning performance with good to very good. 90% rated the skin feeling with good to very good and a 100% skin and eye compability. 

In a dermatologically controlled effectiveness study, we conducted a study concerning the effect after an one-time application and measured the moisture. The result is clear: frei öl® Cleansing Oil & Mask increases the moisture of the skin after the first application! The effect lasts for 2 hours!

Exhibitor: Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH



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